Saturday, 2 May 2015

New, Free Treatment To Improve Your Health & Performance

Wow! Scientists have discovered a fantastic new treatment that can significantly improve our health and performance.

Memory is improved
Concentration is improved
Immune system is strengthened
Awareness is improved

The best bit is that this treatment is totally free, it’s available to us all, and has absolutely zero side effects!

I know, it sounds a bit too good to be true. But it is true. The treatment is simple.

Get more sleep!

Scientists have discovered that if we get 8 or 9 hours a sleep every night, most of us are much, much healthier, and happier. The reality is that many of us are actually chronically sleep deprived, which causes memory and concentration impairment, and raises the levels of stress hormones in the body, none of which help us perform at our best, or live life to the full.

Some say “That doesn’t apply to me. I operate fine on 6 hours a night.” Wrong! In fact, from his research David Dinges PhD suggests that in fact less than one person in every thousand can live healthily on 6 hours per night. Not getting enough sleep disrupts our metabolism, wrecking our immune system, making us more prone to disease. Not only that, but the reduced levels of awareness can make us more accident prone. Not great if we drive a car!

If we haven’t had enough sleep for a long period of time, a sleep debt is created, which means that as soon as we are given the opportunity we might sleep for anything up to 12 hours per night, for several days as the body attempts to catch up. Have you ever slept in by several hours? Isn’t it bliss!

Dinges has completed exhaustive research on sleep, and the importance to our overall health. Too little sleep has been associated with increasing the risk of high blood pressure, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Lack of sleep is also linked to poor performance at work, mood problems and relationship difficulties.

The conclusion is that if we are deprived of sleep over a long period of time, not only will we perform well below our optimum levels, meaning that we won’t be making the most of our life, but we could actually die younger.

So be kind to yourself, and get more sleep!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why Is Life So Hard...

It is what it is. Some say we are here to learn. Some say we're all just a result of random coincidence and it all means nothing.

The only thing we do know is that life is difficult. Illness, money worries, relationship troubles, losing someone close... It's a struggle.

BUT if we look at what it was like to live in the Victorian era, or earlier, especially if you were poor, we get a bit of a shock.

That's when you realise that actually we have it incredibly easy now. Those people would be so envious of us if they saw how we live today, compared to the lives they had. We are very, very lucky.

Then you see beauty all around, the grass starting to grow madly as we move into May, new buds everywhere, longer warmer days.

Life is an eternal cycle and this is how it's meant to be. Whatever has happened in my life it's pointless questioning it, resenting, regretting. Life is meant to be full of laughter and pain, ups and downs. It's all in balance. It is what it is.

The truth is life has so much to offer. We have so much to appreciate. It's up to us if we choose not to see the good bits, the beauty, the love... then it will all just pass us by.

The next time I start feeling sorry for rmyself, thinking how hard life is, I'll remember how lucky I am instead...

Friday, 24 April 2015

Keep Calm...And Change Your Life

What happens if we keep on doing the same things every day? I guess life will continue the same. It won't change.

It's only when we do something different that life changes. Negative acts produce negative results. Positive acts produce positive results. It's pretty simple. We can't expect to get more out of life than we put in.

Being prepared to step out of our comfort zone, even just a little, is often a prerequisite to change. Sometimes we have to be brave. It's a cliche, but it's true... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It can be fun to imagine life 10 years from now. Imagine an ideal life and set a goal. Then plan how to get there, setting intermediate goals, and add a time frame, so there is something concrete to aim for.

One day, 10 years from now, you'll realise that your life is very different from today, and you're that much nearer the life you set your heart on. You may have reached your goal, or may even have surpassed it.

I've seen the positive change in people once they have firm goals to aim for. Comparing their achievements with someone who has no goals, it can be a real eye opener. Yes, it can just be down to ability. But I'm sure success has a lot to do with goal setting.

You have the ability to do anything you want. Just keep calm, set your goals... and go for it!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Money, Worry & Happiness

Does money make us happy?

People say that money doesn't buy happiness. But I say, it helps.

We all know you cannot buy happiness, but it is definitely a means to an end.

For me, money does not mean fast cars, yachts or flash holidays. For me, "enough" money represents security.

Nothing is forever, and what we have could be taken away tomorrow, but knowing that you are as secure as you can be, with a roof over your head and food in the fridge, is comforting. After that, being happy is a lot easier. If you're anything like me.

So what about if a you have enough money so that you feel secure, and you don't need to worry about finances, what do you worry about then? Will something else charge right in and take over in the worry-stakes?

If it's not money, I guess health would be the next issue we all worry about. To put money into perspective, in most cases, even if you don't have any money right now, theres a fairly good chance that you'll be able to make some in the future. However, if you haven't got your health, theres not an awful lot you can do about it. 

In fact, if you ask most people what they rate higher between health, wealth and love, it would probably be health that comes way out in front. Think about it... if you had to lose one of those three, which would you wave goodbye to? My bet is it would be money, and that your health is the last thing you would willingly give up.

What am I saying here? The order of priority could look something like this...1) Look after your health, 2) look after your relationships, 3) look after your money. We need security, but we need our health more. If we have our health, we can find ways to earn money. So if you don't have "enough" money right now, don't get down about it. Keep yourself healthy, work hard and stay positive... be thankful for your health and relationships. Because money can't buy those, and they are the most precious things you have.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Feeling Negative?

We all feel negative sometimes. It's natural... only human, and I guess sometimes it's actually a good thing, because feeling a bit low for a while makes us appreciate the good things, the positive things in life more fully.

The problem comes when were dominated by negative thoughts. Negativity is a poison and it eats away at you from within. One negative thought can lead to another, it's like a vicious circle. With each negative thought, it becomes easier to have another, until before you know it, a habit is formed.

If you feel negative about life, sure as eggs is eggs, the people around you will notice. On the whole, people would rather keep the company of people who make them feel good, rather than folk who make them feel miserable. This alone is a good reason to stop the negativity, as soon as you possibly can.

It is so easy to let the stresses of life get you down. We all have so much to worry about... health, finances, relationships, jobs, the future... the list is endless. I think the best way to handle it all is to accept that nothing is guaranteed, everything changes, nothing will stay the same for ever.

Once you accept this, it's as if a weight is lifted from your shoulders. Accept and let the worry lift. I don't think it's realistic to think the negativity will evaporate completely but it will ease considerably, that's for sure.

Then notice your breath, giving vital O2 to your body. The simple act of noticing the beautiful simplicity of your breath can make you feel so much better.

Make a real effort to see the things all around you through fresh eyes. You may live surrounded by beauty, but unless you make a positive effort to SEE it every day, the beauty will pass you by. It will be taken as "the norm" and you won't even notice it. The sky, the grass, the breeze, the rain, the flowers, the .... the list is endless. Everything has some element of beauty we can enjoy.

When you start to notice the beauty around you, you'll start to see the good in the people around you too. None of us is perfect, but every person has something very special about them, as well as things you're not so keen on. Recognise the positive, accept the negative. Focus on the positive, ignore the negative.

People will seem friendlier, the sun will seem sunnier, the grass will look greener and the sky will look bluer. Is your glass half empty? No... it's half full!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

No Regrets :)

I suspect that the biggest negative inluence on most peoples lives is regret... regret at making wrong decisions at some point in the past. If only we could turn the clock back.

It's so easy to sink back into memories, into the past, reliving hurt, fear, confusion, stress. At times you can feel your life has been one wrong decision after another. It's totally demoralising, depressing. We all do it. 

We know negativity isn't healthy. But hey... stop a minute! After all, it's only human. We all have negative days, where we feel low. That's completely natural. It's actually a good thing to feel low sometimes, as it keeps us in balance, keeps things in perspective.

The trick is not to dwell on the past, not to let regret cloud your days, because it can do no good at all. It can only make you feel bad. We have been given the gift of life, and we are obliged to appreciate it, as much as we HUMANLY can. 

That's the trick... be realistic. If we set our happiness goals too high, and aim to be happy all the time, well let's face it... it's just not going to happen. We'll inevitably have the bad days, and the not-so-great-days, then we'll feel even worse because we'll feel we've let ourselves down!

So I think we need to get real, wake up and smell the coffee (...roses, whatever). Focus on the positive and the now, avoid regret and looking back... doesn't that coffee smell GOOD!

Friday, 10 April 2015

When someone you love dies...

A painful of fact of life... there's no getting away from this one... we all die, sooner or later. When your friend, or someone you love, is fading away before your eyes, it's hard to make sense of it all.

But the truth is that nothing lasts for ever. Every person, flower, animal, cloud, sunrise, sunset.... everything changes, nothing stays the same. Death is a part of life... period. Whether it makes sense or not, it's a fact.

I guess that is why people who manage to really live in the now, those who live each moment in the knowledge that life is a gift that can be taken away at any second, those are the people who are truly happy. Those people are not dependant upon any outside influence for their happiness. They love  their friends and their family but they accept the inevitability that relationships change, and that everything and everyone is only ever on loan to us. Whether it the love of a friend, the security of a house, fantastic health, wonderful job... nothing lasts for ever.

If we think on from this, we realise that if we allow ourselves to become dependant, clinging to anything or anyone outside ourselves, we are committing our life to an emotional roller coaster. We are totally out of control. One minute we are happy, the next miserable. If however, we can love and appreciate without being attached, knowing that one day, maybe tomorrow, maybe in ten years, we will have to let go, then we can feel a real sense of freedom and zest for the present moment.

It can seem like it's impossible to let go. But if you do it for the one you have loved and lost, let go for them and not for you, it changes the perspective. Suddenly you realise that by letting them go, you are free to really love them just as much as ever you did, with a sense of joy for having known them, for having shared precious moments together. They would want you to feel positive about them, not negative.

Live and love each moment as if it was your last. When someone you love is dying, love them with all your heart, and let them go. They would not want you to be a prisoner to your grief. Instead, keep your positive, happy love alive. Love is not restricted by time and space. Live, love, let go, live, love, let go ... be happy in the knowledge that your paths once crossed, that your lives were richer for having known each other, and keep their memory alive as you stride onwards. Let go, be happy, be free.